April 29, 2008

So glad I made it home from Chicago in time to enjoy the gorg weather over the weekend. My trip to Chicago was super-short, with no time to play, really, but I did manage to wiggle a dinner in at Blackbird (freaking delicious), and Frontera Grill (lucky for me it was cochinita pibil night!). I even got a pic of Mister Bayless, who was in the restaurant that night. Gotta head back to Chi-town soon and take a week to run around—it was torture to be there and not be able to experience that super-cool (and whoa, so clean!) city. Thanks anyway to all of you who sent recos!

Before heading out there last Tuesday, on Monday night I had a chance to peek at Anchor & Hope (bite highlights include some stunning Beausoleil oysters, the fried Ipswich clams, and stuffed clams with basil), and then scooted on over to Uva Enoteca, a nice little slice of NYC here in the city. Can’t wait to go back to both and hang out.

Had a good time on the radio on Sunday on A Matter of Taste with David Michael and Rachel Cane—will let you know the next time I’m on (in May). We chatted about Sebo, Spork, the new chef and dishes at Tsar Nicoulai, and I was asked if there is an off-limits time of day for egg consumption (uh, never!).

Oh, and thanks to all of you who entered to win the $100 gift certificate to Troya! Bummer I was only giving away one prize! Congrats to tablehopper reader Alicia A. who won–enjoy your din din.

Have a swell week,
~ Marcia