April 3, 2007

Can you hear my liver crying? The weekend was like surviving the high seas, which included a torrent of beer while at this week's entry in fresh meat. Actually, this week's installment features a couple write-ups from my visits to two bars around town: one was for beer and sausages, and one for crustaceans. (You thought I was gonna say bourbon, didn't you.)

So this is completely non-food related, but I have to do a shout-out for a dear friend Pete who creates some of the most jaw-dropping interactive art pieces for Burning Man, each one outdoing the last. They're like enormous surreal zoetropes. He's got a big one in store for this year, Homouroboros, and is trying to raise money for it—take a peek at some of his past works and maybe you'll feel like supporting him on this one. I know Pete would appreciate anything you can do to help fund him in this huge undertaking.

Speaking of support, the best way you can support tablehopper is to tell your friends about it—please think about forwarding it to your pals, thanks and meow.