August 19, 2008

What can I say, Tahoe was a total dreamscape of sunny weather, cool water, fresh air, and some pretty good home cookin’, if I don’t say so myself. But this is why my life is just ridiculous: here I am, trying to take it easy and be all low-fat and non-alcoholic and queen of quinoa, and not only do I get a cold (see what happens when I go healthy?), but I get an email from my bud, chef Mark Estee at Moody’s Bistro in Truckee, and he’s like, “Marcia, I’ve got some beauty tomatoes, you gotta come get ‘em, you’re going to love them!” Fabulous, I’ll be right over. Color me stoked. But then guess who tucks some house-made mortadella and damn it, a container of Gioia burrata in the box? Oh yes he did. I swear, are all chefs Jewish grandmothers? And what am I going to say, no thanks? Of course not. So I was loving those tomatoes, seriously the essence of summer, with some scoops o’ burrata, hells yes. And I wonder why I keep redlining to a state of critical ass.

To that end, yes, my rear end, literally within half an hour of getting home Sunday evening, I was off to Piccino for their Fatted Calf dinner. (If anything was going to get me home from Tahoe, it would be that!) What a stellar Sunday meal, with an interesting group of folks, and hello fab wines chosen by Wayne Garcia! Cameron and Anita from Married With Dinner were there, you gotta check out their lovely pics from the evening! And I highly recommend trying to attend one of Piccino’s upcoming dinners—it’s why I threw a tablehopper supper there: the location rocks as much as the food, wine, and people. The one coming up with Thomas Odermatt, the Roli Roti/Oxbow Market’s Rotisario guy, will definitely be a winner—pray for his porchetta.

One last event announcement: this Wednesday evening is the Top Chefs Tell All event I’m moderating for the Commonwealth Club’s Inforum series. There are just a few tickets left! Hope to see you there.

Ciao chow,
~ Marcia