August 4, 2009

Ahhhh, it's good to be back. I had no idea how much that ever-looming book deadline was going to be constantly weighing on my mind—it was like a guilty conscience. And what a treat to make it to the finish line, turn that mother trucker in, and then find out I was a nominee for the 7x7 Hot 20 Under 40: Reader's Choice! Woot! Dear readers, can you please vote for me? It's totally painless: all you have to do is enter the number four to vote for me and that's it! No email address to enter, no pesky questions about your income, nada. Deadline to enter is this Friday! Thank you thank you for your vote! Let's rock it.

Last Thursday I had fun playin' hooky and rode bikes with my sis to the Thursday Farmers' Market street food stands at the Ferry Building—what a scene! And what tasty vittles, from the Namu Korean tacos made with kalbi and kimchee to a Tacolicious fish taco with some spicy-as-hell salsa (A.K.A. Chino Loco) to the 4505 Zilla dog (with money sauce, baby!). I recommend going with a wingman so you can share more bites that way. And have a Blue Bottle New Orleans iced coffee to snap you out of your food coma at the end.

Friday: road trip! Left town at noon and headed over to Fresno for some peach pickin' early Saturday morning at Masumoto Family Farm. Awwww, our adopted tree was a rock star—can't believe how much fruit was on it. My apartment smells like peach heaven right now—I am calling it the Peach Palace. Currently eating three of those bad boys a day (how many is too many?), and besides playing "peach Santa" for family and friends, over the next 24 hours I am making jam, vin de peche with the leaves, and found this recipe for brandied peaches (thanks Michael!). Feelin' peachy keen. (Photo by Mathew Sumner.)

This week is looking dandy: going to Great China Restaurant in Berkeley for Peking duck and double skin (will report on that dish later); the Manhattan Project launches (am getting together with some of my cocktailing peeps to determine how we individually prefer our Manhattans—will report on that too!); and of course this week is the SF Chefs. Food. Wine. event! Saturday is a big day for me since I'll be both moderating the Culinary Matriarchs panel on Saturday morning and I'll be on a panel about food reviewing Saturday afternoon. Plus there are tastings, demos, urban BBQs, heck, all kinds of things going on. See ya there? If you want last-minute tickets, click here and enter "tablehopper09" for a discount!

Oh, and I've returned with a fresh meat review this week, can you believe it?! Be sure to check out the sugar mama for one hell of an exclusive and splashy event coming up (and ticket giveaway!) because hey, you're worth it.

And get out the vote, mmmmmkay? Gracias, amigos.

Palabra a tu madre.