December 30, 2008

Greetings from sunny LA. Every time I descend to the 213, I am reminded of how much I j’adore 71 degrees in December. I am so gonna be one of those Palm Beach ladies when I am 80, I know it. At least I’ll match my leather bag. I also managed to catch a stupid cold yesterday, argh, but at least I have my pick of pho houses and nose-clearing spicy salsas down here.

Hey, do you have your New Year’s Eve all lined up? Will it be a super burrito from El Farolito, or perhaps you kept all your money in your mattress this year so you’re up for something spiffier? If it’s the latter, here’s a mini recap I did a few weeks ago on some New Year’s Eve dinners in case you need idears.

Since I am all about shopping for vintage clothes and scouting ethnic eats in the City of Angels this week, I am making this one a special seasonal short issue. We all know what a boozy week this is, yup, champers galore, so I have not one but two wino pieces for you: the first wino is from Jerry Cooper, with an overview of some spirits to look for at your liquor store or hooch parlor, and the second is a highlight of what local wine directors and sommeliers are anticipating we’ll be seeing more of in 2009.

And yes, as is the tablehopper’s annual New Year’s tradition, the bore returns, full of ten items I don’t want to see much of anymore in this coming year—yeah, it’s a bit snarky.

I’ll be back next week, guns blazing with all kinds of news, events, and reviews.

Happy New Year, people! I am wishing you all health, happiness, low cholesterol, high times (feel free to interpret that in any way you like), and may we all look and feel mighty fine in ’09.

Cheers my dears!
~ Marcia