December 4, 2007

Hey. For the record, some chef pal had to go and have a birthday on a Monday night, so I lost a couple precious hours of writing/sleep. I’m a little tired. So if I happen to get chefs both named Bruce mixed up, that’s my excuse. At least I got my espresso machine’s gasket fixed last week, so semi-decent pulls are back in my life. As the repairman said, "incontinent espresso, no fun." Incontinent anything, no fun.

Just in time for Hanukkah, here’s this week’s latest addition to the Hi Helens archive: Hadassah arms! A reader says, “There’s a Jewish women’s organization called Hadassah, so the name’s grown to also be known to stand for old Jewish ladies.” Fabulous. Wave and swing ‘em proud.

Are we done? Anyone gonna pipe up with one more? Maybe? Maybe not.

Operators are standing by.

~ Marcia