February 13, 2008

Why hello, and happy Wednesday. I know we normally don’t see each other on this day, but that’s the joy of technology snafus totally messing with our relationship (I know BlackBerry users can feel my pain).

So Thursday is the day of the red rose brigade, when almost every table in every restaurant is converted into a two-top. Well, except the large round table where I’ll be feasting on some Chinese with my best buds. We’ll play “spin the lazy Susan,” with frisky prizes like a pot sticker or a crab leg!

Since romance is on the collective brain this week, I thought I’d highlight one of my fave date spots, Baraka, in the regular since it recently got new owners who have spruced it up nicely. And the food has only gotten better too—in fact, super duper delicious. Checkity check it.

Love and kisses,
~ Marcia