February 3, 2009

Happy belated Groundhog Day. No idea how to really celebrate that one. Anyway. Thanks to everyone who entered to win tickets at the wine tasting on Valentine’s Day at Golden Gate Wine Cellars—I guess you all like to drink or something. I hope the winners enjoy the vinos, cheers. Speaking of wine, I joined the purple-teethed masses and attended the ZAP tasting this Saturday. Zin freaks are a very particular bunch, with a definite penchant for patterned shirts and unusual accessories, so I decided to share a little photo show from the event. A ZAP recap, if you will.

Guess what? Yours truly has been featured in one of “The Perfect” videos on CHOW.com, highlighting what I think is a perfect dish. Hint: it’s green. And the chef who makes it has the cutest accent.

-This week I’m doing a different kind of jetsetter—this one is actually covering a few places in our backyard. Back in November, I went on a “vintage tour night” with a friend, hitting up a couple classics in the 650. Feel free to put on Frank or Dean while reading it.

This Thursday I am thrilled to be hosting another dinner for the current session of the CHEFS (Conquering Homelessness Through Education in Food Service) group. I’ll be co-hosting the evening with chef Ryan Farr, who has been working as an instructor for the program. We’re fired up to have the dinner at Poleng Lounge—executive chef Timothy Luym will be cooking up quite a special feast, and since he just returned from his travels to the Philippines, I imagine we’ll have some cool new spices and ingredients to try.

I wanted to once again pass along many thanks to so many of you who helped contribute funds last year to host this dinner. Since the last one at Bambuddha Lounge was generously covered by the restaurant, I’ll be applying some of the $1,600.00 we raised through tablehopper to this dinner. I’ll be sure to share a full recap and photos next week! Thanks for helping to make this happen.


~Marcia (rhymes with Garcia)