July 17, 2007

What the hell, am I leaving town again? Jeesh! When you get this I’ll be in Chicago, and then leaving Wednesday for New Orleans for liver calisthenics, AKA Tales of the Cocktail. Let the good times roll, indeed. After all that jambalaya and po’ boys and gumbo and Sazeracs I’ll be the one rolling.

Many of you have been asking about my New Yawk highlights, so here’s a first installment jetsetter piece for you (I hit so many places in NYC there’s no way I could get them all in one report—heck, it might take three), plus a guest wino piece from Ruben Ramiro of the fab Monday Room, who wins my award for best sommelier hair AND mustache, ever. Mad style, that cat.

You’ll get more gossip from me in the coming weeks—I’ve got some bags to repack! Oh, and I also want to draw your attention to a special tablehopper dinner in the socialite—would be a great way to finally meet some of you in person over some tasty vittles. Check it!

A bientot!