July 22, 2008

Am I actually tired? Jeez, I am, quite, and it’s all because of this year’s Taste3 event, which was simultaneously exhilarating, sobering, inspiring, and exhausting. For two full days, speakers from around the world each had 18 minutes each to share their thoughts and perspectives on topics like honeybee colony collapse disorder to Dan Barber on the best foie gras of his life to urban farming to GMOs to little-known facts about Chinese-American food. Seriously, whoa.

And then there’s the continual networking and exchange of ideas, whether it was having lunch with fine folks like Ted Allen (so refreshingly nice, and genuine) to sipping wine with chef Roland Henin, who is the trainer for the USA team for Bocuse D’Or. Throw in some winery dinners (thanks Garguilo!) and after hour parties, and bingo, you’re one lucky (and tired) girl. What wonderful access to so many thinkers and doers. A huge thanks to Robert Mondavi Winery who put on the conference, and especially to Margrit Mondavi, whose energy and warmth is an inspiration to many—what a powerhouse.

Since the wine must keep flowing, I’m looking forward to seeing many of you at the upcoming tablehopper supper on July 29th at Rubicon—spaces are getting snapped up, FYI!

And man, some tech issues are driving me up a wall. Yahoo subscribers, I hope the block is finally lifted—I know some of you are getting my column, and some aren’t: you can catch up on the two past issues in the archive. Ditto on you hotmail users who browse with Firefox—there’s been some lame conflict. It’s enough to make me want to do this e-column as a blog instead. Kidding.