June 19, 2007

Hola amigos. I’m here to report from the culinary beyond! Yes, I’ve been plummeting the depths. Last week was full of scrumptious discoveries, from the crostini topped with a creamy swath of pureed monkfish liver with saffron and other spices at Oliveto’s Oceanic Dinners (you MUST go next year if you love seafood—it was one of the nicest meals I’ve had all year), to the dee-vine Deutz 2000 Blanc de Blanc at Jerry Horn’s Champagne Feast at Scott Howard (next feast will be at Picco in Larkspur, stand by), and if you haven’t had a chance to visit the back garden at Blue Plate lately, you really should. A lot has grown in since I last saw it—it’s downright lush back there, and with the heat lamps it’s quite nice, even on a chilly night.

Last night was the opening of Ducca (pretty darned spiffy—I loved the Venetian bordello-esque rotunda adjacent to the bar). Tonight I’m heading to the StarChefs gala event which seems like everyone is attending (so it should be a barrel of monkeys fun). Thursday is (ladies, it’s your chance to check out Tyler Florence—tickets are still available), and Saturday is Pink Saturday, one of my favorite party days in SF. Dolores Park explodes with the ladeez. Pray for sun.

This week we’ve got the last of the trio of wino pieces about corkage from Alex Fox at Myth—it’s a long one, so I say crack open at least a 375ml bottle of something swell to enjoy while reading it. Heck, why not a Jeroboam of bubbly?

And yay, next Wednesday I am heading to NYC for a week for some business, and a whole lotta pleasure. Feel free to point me to some of your fave dining and drinkin’ can’t-miss spots! My list is scary long, but then again, I wouldn’t be the tablehopper if it was short. Word.