June 9, 2009

Damn, I woke up Monday morning feeling totally under the weather. Well, that's what I get for spending the weekend in, burning up my keyboard instead of a dancefloor. Fortunately my cold decided to roll in after last week's Sicilian wine event with Alex Fox, because it would have sucked to not be able to taste all those wines, cheeses, and bites from CookWithJames to their full extent. Big thanks to Domaine Select Wine Estates and The Cheese School of San Francisco for helping to make it such a classy event. The evening's guests want to do this again and explore additional wine regions (like Spain, Australia, I vote for Champagne), so look for some future fetes down the road. You can check out some pictures of the event and see what you missed on my flickr page (thanks to Mathew Sumner!), and in this photo gallery from James Stolich here.

More wino news: besides a lot of wine-related buzz (har) in this week's lush, the latest wine couch episode I did with Evan Goldstein has posted; this one is about Ubuntu in Napa.

So gang, in order for me to keep this column going and get my book done, I have decided to shelve any fresh meat or the regular reviews until my manuscript is done in early July. Something had to give, and so I determined that's what had to go. Fortunately I have some fantastic writers for upcoming wino, hardhat, and bookworm columns this month while I keep my eye on the prize. And with all the places I've had to research this month, just think, July will be chock-full of write-ups about places for you to check out. Thanks for understanding.

Okay, back to trying to kick this cold to the curb.

Over and out,