March 17, 2009

Thanks for the generous feedback from y’all on last week’s roundup on the Best Cloth Napkin Burger in San Francisco. When I am back eating burgers, say, this fall, I’ll be sure to check out some of your recommendations (to wit: Bar Johnny, the chorizo burger at Zinnia, and the burger at the Campton Place Bar & Bistro, among a few others).

Now, I am not going to start a fried chicken roundup just yet, but when I munched two delicious executions back-to-back last week it certainly seemed like I had. First was on Tuesday night at the counter at SPQR—after the kitchen noticed me watching how they eat the fried chicken, they kindly offered to supe up our last couple of pieces “animal style.” Now, I’m not at liberty to share what that means, but let’s just say it was feisty. Kind of like the kitchen. And then the next night I was at The Front Porch while out on a two-wheelin’ dinner tour with the fine couple that won “a dinner with the tablehopper” at the San Francisco Bike Coalition Winterfest auction—read all about that bucket o’ chicken in the regular.

Here’s another biking destination I’d recommend: a couple weekends ago I had a dreamy ride through Golden Gate Park to Ocean Beach—gotta love our clean and crisp air. While my original destination was going to be the new Outerlands for some lunch, alas, I had forgotten that weekend lunch service hadn’t kicked in yet. Damn. And it looked so cute. Quick save: some scrumptious cinnamon toast and a Gibraltar at Trouble Coffee a few doors down—I’m already plotting my next interlude to get toasted. And whaddya know, I had delightful company: I unexpectedly ran into a tablehopper reader and her husband, who kindly treated me to my afternoon snack. So meow.

Sunday night I emceed the second Edible Pursuit event at Acme Chophouse—it was quite the turnout of food and wine lovin’ folks—you gotta come to the next one. A highlight for me? Chef Thom Fox kindly styled us with his twist on a Cubano sandwich, featuring Marin Sun Farms beef tongue, roasted pork, melted Gruyere and provolone cheese, and of course some mustard and pickle. Can you say wow yes many thanks more please? Look for it on Acme Chophouse’s lunch and bar menu this week.

And where would we be without some good wine to go with that puppy? This coming Sunday is the Rhone Rangers tasting, check it out in the socialite.