March 24, 2009

Brrrr, it was nippy last night. I was totally jonesing for a bowl of pháờ from this week’s restaurant in the regular (a hazard of food writing—you often get wicked cravings for whatever you’re writing about). Last week I had my own top picks for gettin’ heated, which included some spicy dishes at Amber India for dinner, a well-made Manhattan (ok, two) with Carpano Antica (purr) while sitting at the bar at the Washbag, joining a server at Poc Chuc in chomping on a habanero chile (ow ow ow), and hittin’ the dancefloor at Mezzanine Friday night until late.

Sadly all the fun came to a screeching halt this weekend when tech troubles came to roost at hopper HQ (crashed external hard drive woes, no access to my pictures, blah blah blah)—here’s hoping my new Mac wunderkind brings Dead Fred back to life. And soon. Sigh.

Am looking forward to the chef Gemma dinner tonight at Ottimista, and getting out of town on Thursday and heading up to Sonoma for a couple days where I can get some writing done, and think about things besides crashed hard drives, and urban annoyances like the lack of parking in my neighborhood during a nightmarish amount of street work (uh, no, I am not keen on having to move my car at 7am, are you kidding?). Of course I am returning Saturday night for Whiskies of the World, a smooth and easy transition.

Cheers to that.
~ Marcia