May 1, 2007

As you’re reading this, I am actually on my way back from Palm Springs, probably asleep and drooling in the car after a weekend of mayhem and now in a food coma from scarfing down a Double-Double at In-N-Out. Knowing me, I have lost my voice, I am hungover, I have suntanned shoulders but my nose is pink, and have been talking ad infinitum about how amazing the LCD Soundsystem and The Cornelius Group sets at Coachella were. Since I am writing this the Wednesday prior, this entire scenario is all a projection, but if I know myself at all, it’s a likely portrait.

It feels like eons ago when I was tearing things up in Australia in February with my sis and pal (their aliases are Ranger Rick and Chocolate Mousse—fair dinkum). Here is the first of my recaps about the trip. Although I far preferred Melbourne for its hip culture, peeps, dining, and dranks (more on that de-groovy city soon), I am writing up Sydney first because I have a guest wino (Franck Moreau) from est in Sydney who turned his piece in on time! Sweet as.

Until next week,