May 15, 2007

This Mother’s Day, both my darling mom and my hip grandma were pretty stoked to see my mug in the Sunday paper. It was a blast to write this piece for the “On the Town” section, highlighting some of my fave spots around the City. Meow!

One quick thing is in regards to the small mistake in the photo caption referring to me as a food blogger. I also saw this quite a bit in the email forwards from those of you who entered last week’s contest (sidebar: thanks for all the nice things you said about tablehopper, so glad you dig it, sorry I can’t personally respond to each of you with my thanks for the oh-so-nice compliments!). So, about this blogging thing. To clarify, tablehopper is actually an e-column, and a website, but not a blog. It’s not an online diary, and I don’t have comments on my site (you have to email me direct if you want to parlez). I love and admire and read a ton of blogs, but FYI, tablehopper isn’t one of ‘em.

Since I have the soapbox out, I want to remind all of you that this Thursday the 17th is Bike to Work Day! I work from home, so it’s kind of anticlimactic, but in case you were thinking about MAYBE riding your bike that day, it’s really the day to try it. Lots of enthusiasm, support, and fun await you. Nervous about riding in the City? I used to be too. Get a Bike Buddy! Since I started riding my bike around town, I’d say I choose my bike over my car five times to one, and it feels great on so many levels, including the booty firming level.

Two-wheelingly yours,
~Marcia (rhymes with Garcia)