May 22, 2007

Okay, this week practically killed me with restaurant gossip. Like, whoa. I need a hand massage after all this typing, or at least more minutes on my cell phone ’cause it practically blew up. I’m sure there are plenty of typos or bad grammar in the chatterbox, and it’s not because I was tipsy (for a change)! Consider it a grammatical game that’s like an erudite version of Where’s Waldo?.

So, highlights of my week: the Meals on Wheels event Sunday evening was pretty damned fun—a total who’s who of local chefs (plus star chef spottings of Charlie Palmer and Thomas Keller) and the after-party generously hosted by Joseph Manzare was a great test to see who can hold their liquor while completely exhausted (everyone worked pretty hard and I have a feeling many were up much earlier than usual on a typical Sunday).

Then there’s SF’s inaugural Cocktail Week, which wrapped up with an event at Absinthe last night—it’s not every night of your life you can have a Manhattan made by Gary Regan. In fact, it was unlike any Manhattan I’ve ever had before—it was totally subtle, and smooth, and balanced. The man is a master of Angostura bitters, what can I say?

And now, it’s lecture time: I don’t even want to count how many people have used tip please and haven’t responded with how their experience was. The number is not pretty. So if you have dined out but haven’t reported back yet, please let me know since I really need your feedback to make this thing work! Remember, if you don’t, you don’t get to make any more tip please requests. (Trust me, I keep track. It’s the Italian in me—we remember things.) Even if you didn’t go to the places I recommended, that’s totally cool—just tell me, thank you!

Rock on,

~Marcia (rhymes with Garcia)