May 27, 2008

Hola. No comment on the lame holiday weather yesterday, although it helped make it somewhat tolerable to be home writing this thing while the rest of the City had the day off but was probably freezing some heinie at an outdoor cookout. In honor of the shorter week, this issue is a bit of an abridged version, plus I'm opting out of a restaurant review, sorry, I was just too wiped from my weekend in Palm Springs. I know, poor baby, too much poolside sun and chillaxing this weekend. Actually, it was all the driving to Palm Springs and back that did me in (ten hours down on Friday, and seven back on Sunday, ack). I'll have a write-up for you next week.

I normally don't use this forum to espouse my political views, but as a freelance writer and San Francisco resident who is extremely grateful for her rent control, I'm going to urge that you please consider voting no on the problematic Prop 98, and yes on Prop 99 when you go vote next Tuesday, June 3rd. You are voting, yes? Yes. Okay, my soapbox is now kicked back out of sight.

Returning to a food note, those of you who joined me in lamenting the long-lost chocolate brioche cake from Rumpus can now join me in a big fat yay, because it's actually on the menu at Bungalow 44 in Marin. Thanks to the wonders of the WORLD WIDE WEB (and chefs who read tablehopper), I was put in touch with the former chef of Rumpus, Robert Price, who is currently the chef of Bungalow 44 and the Buckeye Roadhouse. He said to come on down to Bungalow 44 for some cake! Or up, depending on where you live.

Let's all eat cake.