May 5, 2009

There’s nothing like going out on a Monday morning to move your car for street cleaning and finding your roof all slashed up (two foot-long holes), plus a botched attempt to pry off one of my speakers (sorry lame robber dude, my friend drilled those puppies in tight so they wouldn’t leave). I think the %$#* thief must have gotten pissed that I hid my radio faceplate so well that he decided to jam something into the radio anyway so neither of us could enjoy it. Grrrrrreat, now that’s messed up too. You know a big F word was yelled. (Maybe two.)

Why am I sharing this? Well, I have been searching Craigslist for a garage space for my sweet little Alfa for months and months, to no avail. And the slashed roof has put me over the edge. So if anyone knows anyone with an enclosed garage space to rent near Broderick and Fulton (and less than $175 a month), we’d both be so stoked. Beep beep. Hey, you never know…

As for my other preferred mode of transport, I wanted to give you a heads up that May 14th is Bike to Work Day! I work from home, so I really don’t need to ride anywhere, but in case you’d like to look into it (and I hope you do), here’s the link on how to get a bike buddy, and more!

So I am moving into week two of this cleanse and feeling great—check out the health nut for more. But just because I am on a cleanse this week doesn’t mean you are, so I thought I’d write up a recent meal that was the complete and utter opposite of how I’m eating these days. Yup, a big-ass steak dinner at Harris’. Read all about it in the regular. Plus we have a wino this week since I’m not drinking. See, it’s like you’d never know I was a (temporarily) teetotaling and abstemious vegan!

Although when I bopped into Nopalito last week for lunch, co-owner Laurence Jossel obviously got the memo about my carnitas-free life: he was more than happy to greet me with a special cleanse-friendly plate, just for me. Awwww, thanks, LJ.

Hey fabulous readers, thank you all for the incredibly kind and congratulatory notes about my book deal last week. Your support means so much! I was especially happy to get these suggested tablehopper book titles from one reader (who happens to be my dad’s Vietnam War buddy)—thanks Bob J. for the ideas! They were so damned funny I thought I should share:

You want SOMA This?!?
I Left My Carbs in San Francisco
Sippin' at the Dock of the Bay
Get Fed Up and Enjoy It!
You Only Live Once, but You Can Eat a Lot!
The People of La Mangia
Bitchin'Â From the Kitchen
No Room for Slobs on the Nob
Fork Your Way Around The Bay

Really, how can I top those? Bob, you’re a veritable powerhouse of ideas. And funny as hell.

Speaking of the other F word, have fun tying one on for Cinco de Mayo tonight. And Happy Mother’s Day to all our beloved mothers and grandmothers out there! Oh yeah, check out the socialite for a Dine About Town event I’ll be emceeing on May 28th—you can start getting tickets this Thursday.

In tofu I trust,

~Marcia (rhymes with Garcia, yo)