November 27, 2007

Got your reindeer ears on? Or perhaps a full bottle of something brown and potent at your side? Hey, whatever will get you through the holidays. One thing that should be helpful is this week’s holiday edition of the bookworm from Green Apple Books’ Pete Mulvihill, who mentions a couple books I’ve been enjoying this past month (James Peterson’s awesome Cooking, and Cecilia Chiang’s Seventh Daughter). Be sure to take advantage of the 20% discount for tablehopper readers over the next two weeks if any of Pete’s choices catch your fancy, or will make good gifts, which I think they just might.

It doesn’t stop. The Hi Helens saga persists, with the latest reader additions of “Bingo Arms” and “Bingo Wings,” and the classification of them as one of the “seven deadly fats AKA UADD (under arm dingle dangle)! Others include back fat, thunder thigh and melon tit (eeeeek)!”

Eeek is right, and double eeek on the seven deadly fats (!), especially after the Thanksgiving feast my family put on this year. We made the stuffing this time with the additions of my dad’s homemade boar sausage and a splash of grappa, a total winner—it was so good I had leftovers (smothered with grandma’s giblet and hard-boiled egg gravy) two more nights in a row. Thank god for my trainers.

Chef Charlie did this week’s work for me again with another jetsetter installment (glad someone is out there eating on my behalf), but I thought I'd throw in a little breakfast for ya too, in the regular. Actually, a big breakfast.

Ciao chow,

~ Marcia