November 3, 2009

You coming down off that Halloween candy sugar high? I didn't have one single trick or treater (yeah, a different kind of boo), so guess who has a dangerous amount of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups in the house? Aw heck. A friend asked what my Halloween costume was going to be, and I said, "A writer at home in her slippers doing book edits." Yeah, it was a really rowdy Halloween, let me tell you. Although it would be an easy costume, complete with a coffee mug, sweatpants, a wrist brace, hair in a ponytail, and a bunch of take-out containers. Maybe a slight hunch in the shoulders. Filing that away for another year—too much reality at the moment.

But up until Friday, I had quite the week off-leash. Last Tuesday I went to Namu to finally experience the "KFC" (Korean Fried Chicken), which was stupidly delicious, and was totally scarfed, but the $32 for half a bird was getting too close to Zuni prices in the Inner Richmond for my taste. Wednesday I went to Omnivore Books to see William Grimes speak (can't wait to crack his book, Appetite City), and then I said, "Bridge be damned!" and caught a BART train for dinner at Commis. One hell of a meal, full of stunning flavors and presentations—and they do really good things to eggs over there, always a plus in my book. My dinner was rather similar to what the Bunrabs ate, check out pics of their meal here.

Thursday was the unofficial Porchetta Tour: 2009: my sis and I split sandwiches from RoliRoti at the Thursday market and Cane Rosso (in the end, RoliRoti's won—Cane Rosso's is more like a really good pork sandwich). But the sneaker fave hit of the day was Cane Rosso's egg salad sandwich. God damn, that sandwich is the best egg salad in the city, total perfection. Aged provolone on top, what a flourish. May they never change a thing.

Friday was quite a memorable evening: I was invited for a New Orleans dinner (click for pics) to celebrate the one-year anniversary of The Perish Trust, where they converted the space into the coolest dinner party set (they are going to start allowing people to host dinner parties there—it's quite atmospheric). We had bourbon, catfish-cornbread muffins, and some mighty tasty gumbo, followed by the chef's own Hooker's Sweet Treats. Maybe I need to do a tablehopper supper there, hmmmm...

And of course my family totally rocked my birthday dinner Sunday night, from the J brut rose, to the Moroccan lamb and carrots my mom made (so dang good), to my dad's fried peppers and homemade spicy coppa, to almond cake, all the way to the remarkable bottle of Naima from De Conciliis that my parents hand carried from their recent trip from Italy (wow, what an aglianico). I am so spoiled.

In the meantime, are you coming to the tablehopper sherry tasting event at Stable Cafe next week or what? Cast away the mental image you have of sherry being sweet or cloying, and get ready to embrace a new frontier of food and wine pairing, trust me. Our tasting leader César is the best guide you could hope for, and chef James Stolich of CookWithJames and I have quite a menu mapped out—it's shaping up to be rather feast-y, check it out in the lush. Since I turn my book edits in next Monday, I'll be ready to raise a glass with you (or two, or three, or four) next Tuesday, hope to see you!

This week I just have a quick bite for you since I have too much on my plate (literally). But thanks to Pete from Green Apple Books, I have a bookworm for you on the much-discussed David Chang's new Momofuku book, plus there are a couple very special out-of-town events in the socialite (hello, Laurent Gras is coming out here!). Since some of you have asked me about Thanksgiving dinner locations, expect a roundup next week.

Hope you get to enjoy this last gasp of Indian Summer,