November 6, 2007

Yo, did you vote? You still have time, so go do it! I also thought this week would be an apropos time to write up a place offering its spin on an all-American favorite: the burger. Check it out in fresh meat.

I had a blast on the Martha Stewart Living Today radio show last Friday talking about what’s new in the San Francisco dining scene—if you didn’t get a chance to listen, here’s an mp3 of the show. Did I mention your favorite restaurant? Listen in and find out!

A quick note to you hotmail folks—hotmail blocked last week’s column—this wouldn’t be the first time, so please consider subscribing to tablehopper with another email if you have one. Sorry for the inconvenience! Pffft. Besides, aren’t you tired of all those Christian dating service and weight loss emails?

Oh, and in the funky humor department: a few weeks back I referred to “Hi, Helens,” those not-so-fabulous soft arm flaps women can get. Couldn’t resist passing this one on from a reader because I hurt myself laughing: “I meant to write to you last week to tell you what my sorority sisters and I used to call the flabs of fat on the upper arm, your “Hi, Helens”—Soup Coolers! As in, you are making soup, stirring the pot, and the flab from your arms is waving and cooling the soup as it simmers!”

Uh, yeah, can’t really beat that.

Let’s rock.