October 2, 2007

I sure cooked up a big itinerary for hitting the town last week, funny how this STUPID COLD had other plans for me instead. Like, say, sleeping. I did manage to get a couple friends and family dinners in at Sens and South, so not all was lost—more on that below! Oh, and people, do not get this cold, I see folks dropping like flies. I have tried to shake it for a week now, it’s pernicious. Wash your hands like you have OCD. And for god’s sake, don’t touch your eyes. Just stay in a bubble if you can. Don’t. Get. It.

The second tablehopper supper was a blast—we porked out (literally) on a delicious suckling pig dinner prepared by chef Jonnatan Leiva and his killer staff at Jack Falstaff—it was like an early Thanksgiving dinner with the bounty of delish Mariquita sides we were served (chard, corn, potato gratin, butter beans, and Romanos). I made sure we circulated another list to learn what everyone’s favorite two local restaurants are, check it out here—Myth cleaned up with this crowd, with five votes!

Hmmm, I could have called this issue “drink me” due to the two wine events listed in the socialite. Also in the non-food related sphere (see, I am multidimensional!), I want to do a shout-out for my friend Pete Hudson, the mastermind behind the spec-f*cking-tacular pedal-powered zoetrope this year at Burning Man, Homouroboros, which I know was a fave for many. Here it is by day so you can get a sense of the piece, and here it is in action at night. It was a mind-bobbling piece, and effort. Even with the grant money he received, Pete is currently $30k in debt from building it, and hoping to recoup some expenses. Uh, yeah, I would too. Not sure if any of you burners or supporters of the arts care to help him out, even the smallest donation would be so generous—he dreams and gives big, and I hate to think of him shouldering this expense. Here’s a PayPal link or you can send a (big, fat?) check to "Homouroboros" 161 Gilbert Street, #2, San Francisco, CA 94103. Thanks for considering it—what he did out there was astounding!

Lastly, if any of you tried texting me the past couple days, I didn’t get them since my &^%$ phone has been on the fritz. Call me or email me for the next couple days until I get this sorted, thanks!

And now, let’s rock.