October 28, 2008

Well, after kicking last week’s stupid sore throat to the curb (thanks to all of you for your well wishes, that was super sweet), yours truly had quite the tablehopping week, starting with drinks on Wednesday at Pisco Lounge, then checking out Zinnia’s opening night (they were busy busy, and it was great to be able to taste Sean’s gnocchi again!), followed by a cocktail at Taverna Aventine—they did a nice job on the décor. Thursday was the Joy of Sake event—full of sake discoveries and tasty bites (Ame wins for their brilliant somen noodle “chute” and presentation), but someone else (who will remain nameless) totally loses for serving blue fin tuna, ahem. Truth be told, it was also quite the non-environmentally friendly event—there was a bunch of needless waste, with only containers for the Fiji water bottles to get sorted and recycled. After seeing how diligent the San Francisco Magazine FallFest party was with recycling, impressively so, I think large events around town need to take notice and follow suit, like, stat. Friday I enjoyed some alfresco dining at Nettie’s Crab Shack and then got my heinie home because Saturday was going to be a big day.

So, what was so big about Saturday? I was presenting a line-up of San Francisco bites to the fabulous Gayle King for a recording for the Oprah & Friends radio show at the O You! conference. Curious about what we ate? Listen in when the show airs tomorrow, Wednesday, on XM Radio at 8am, 2pm, and 8pm EST (so that’s 5am, 11am, and 5pm PST). You can tune in with the free XM Radio trial, just click on the Oprah & Friends Gayle King homepage. It was a little challenging because I wasn’t allowed to serve any hot food (the building’s union put the kibosh on a hot plate or toaster oven), but Ms. King still enjoyed grazing through the six courses of tastes I picked out for her, while we chatted about everything from burgers to boys. (Thanks a mil to everyone who helped me pull this off!)

There will also be some tablehopper tips on dining out posted on the Oprah.com homepage on Wednesday—I’ll send you the link next week! Or just hop on over there tomorrow and check it out!

Oh yeah, and everyone at the conference got a surprise visit from Oprah herself, who gave a very inspiring talk to the 4,000 ladies in attendance—it totally rocked. Now, where did the lovely duo of Oprah and Gayle eat after the O You! conference? Check out the starlet for the answer!

As promised, this week is my jetsetter write-up of my recent trip to Los Angeles—I barely scratched the surface of the town that’s known for them, but it just means I have to return soon, which I plan on doing, oh yesirree.

Okay, it’s another week, and another giveaway! This week I am going to style someone with a pair of tickets to the third annual Tastes of the City event on November 6th (check out the socialite for more). To enter to win, please forward this week’s tablehopper newsletter to one friend (or more, you star!!), telling them why they would dig a subscription to the tablehopper e-column (if you call it a blog, you are disqualified, ha ha!), and CC or BCC luckyme [at] tablehopper [dot] com so I know you sent it (I promise not to use anyone’s email address). Deadline to enter is midnight on Sunday November 2nd.

Tonight I am off to the Milk premiere and gala (with a swell little pre-party at Swirl on Castro, bubbles in effect, you know it!), Wednesday and Thursday are random events and dinners and tastings around town, Friday is all about scary movies and popcorn, and then it’s my birthday this Saturday, so guess who is beyond thrilled to be able to see the YSL exhibit opening at the DeYoung!? Couldn’t score tickets to the seminar with Hamish Bowles (le sigh) but it will be a spiffy day nonetheless. That night I will be doing my annual Chinese banquet dinner with my pals, will let you know where we end up feasting.
Since my birthday is on the horizon, it always makes me reflect on the year that’s past. One thing I’d like to say is thanks to you, dear readers, for helping to support this venture and passion of mine. Yes, this column is a pile o’ work, and so I really value your enthusiasm—it keeps me truckin’. Thank you! (Yes, I am having an Oprah moment.)

Clink clink!