September 1, 2009

Let me tell you, it's very strange to be writing tablehopper on a Thursday evening. What the heck, I just sent my last column out on Tuesday! But, my trusty designer is off to the playa for a week, so I had to get this hammered out quick and put in the hopper, so to speak. I know, some HUGE news will come out on Monday, and I'll be unable to announce it. Ah well. At least I'll be working on my tan.

Besides, the past couple days I have been more entertained with watching cheeky chipmunks, catching up on my stack of Vanity Fair issues, cooking (the farmers' market in Tahoe City was awesome, check out the goods!) and swimming; so I'm just running a mini edition this week. Trying to have some semblance of a vacation, and truth be told, it's been challenging. Next time, I leave the %$#% computer and phone and deadlines far, far away.

Then again, all I have to do is think of all the chefs and cooks and restaurant owners who haven't had a freaking vacation in foh-evah, and my few hours of beach time each day are precious indeed.

So with that, ciao from Lake Tahoe,

~ Marcia