September 11, 2007

Okay, I think I finally have my head back on. The dust is out of my hair, my cell phone is no longer a foreign object, and I’m almost back to my usual typing speed. (Almost.) Oh yeah, and that enormous pile of emails has been attended to! Poof!

Since I am back on track, this week’s ‘hopper is front-loaded with all kinds of news for you. AND for those of you who couldn’t make it to the first tablehopper supper, I’ve got another one coming up in two weeks! (Check it out in the socialite.)

Sigh, 9/11. Today is a heavy day of remembrance, a day emblazoned on every American’s memory, and heart. In honor of inimitable New York, I’m setting you up with another installment of write-ups about some New York eateries and bars I experienced during my recent visit.

Today is also a very special day to my family because it’s my dear sister’s birthday. Happy Birthday, seeeeeeester!