September 18, 2007

So last week I had one of the most humbling dining experiences ever: dining in the dark at the SF Dark Dining event at Ft. Mason. All manners and grace are out the window as you try to gauge a proper bite by the weight on your fork, you accidentally shove food off your plate like you’re an unruly toddler, and keeping track of your wineglass (filled with red wine, mind you) is practically nerve-wracking. My sense of smell was definitely heightened—you can smell the food being served to others before it’s placed in front of you—and texture became extra important.

The room wasn’t really dark enough, so we all tied our black napkins over our eyes for a full blackout (no, we didn’t do shots). Granted, the food wasn’t very stellar considering the $95 price tag, but the weirdness of the whole experience helped make the evening memorable. Key learnings: table decorations and garnishes don’t matter in dark dining, vertical food and long green beans are evil, getting food in your teeth is of no import, and wearing a bib, or black, or already dirty clothes is recommended.

This week is the launch of the health nut, a new section on tablehopper recording my upcoming program with Titan Fitness, which will be getting me back in touch with my abs and triceps. High five!

In closing, I would like to personally thank all of you who expressed interest in next week’s tablehopper supper at Jack Falstaff, and managed to sell that puppy out in less than 24 hours! Go team! Your support and enthusiasm really means a lot, and I’m looking forward to putting together more dinners in the future…

Cheers, my dears!