September 2, 2008

Did you have a swell Labor Day? True to its name, I spent some of mine writing this thing. Although instead of penning a restaurant review this week, I opted to get a little BBQ time in at grandma’s house with the fam in San Mateo—the smell of my neighbor’s barbecue was making me hangry, so I had to get my steak on.

And since I am boss of me, the nice boss side says I get to take time off when it’s convenient for ME. Which happens to be this Thursday, when I head back up to Tahoe for a few more days of sun, swimming, biking, and yes, quinoa.

In fact, it’s time for tablehopper Indian summer hours! I’ve decided to take next Tuesday off, so there will be no tablehopper next Tuesday September 9th. The ’hopper will be back in your inbox on Tuesday the 16th. Instead of spending ten-plus days doing and recovering from Burning Man this year, I am creating my own variation: Lake Woman.

I threw in a bunch of event listings so you know what’s going on until the 16th; there are also some additional pieces in the wino and the bookworm for you to dig into.

Of course I was running around all weekend at Slow Food Nation—I put a recap below in the chatterbox. I actually got snagged by the charming Carla Borelli of Local Forage and Beth LaDove at the cocktail pavilion (surprise, surprise) for a quick interview for the SFN website. Here’s the link to my interview on YouTube. Actually, here’s a link to the entire Slow Food Nation channel so you can see other footage and interviews, including one with Nico Monday, who was behind the pizza oven I mentioned last week, and another in praise of the Berkel slicer!

Here’s wishing a big welcome back to everyone staggering in from the playa, and I’ll catch y’all on the flip side.


~ Marcia