September 29, 2009

What the hell happened to me? I woke up on Monday sounding like Kathleen Turner, and while I was initially terrified that I was coming down with a mother trucker of a nasty cold, I also think someone did a little too much carrying on this weekend. I blame the warm weather, my new shoes that were begging to go out and play, knowing too many bartenders and sommeliers, and my sugar high at the Blogher Food conference break on Saturday (the Scharffen Berger chocolate boxes Elizabeth Falkner made are responsible).

This issue is stupidly big: there's a locked and loaded chatterbox, a fresh meat review of Heaven's Dog, a hardhat (on the new Quince!), the starlet, a sugar mama... what the hell, I'm not even going to continue with this intro. I don't want to kill you (or me) with 6,000 words (we are dangerously close to that number), so let's just hop to it.

Huskily yours,
~ Marcia