This week's tablehopper: loaded.


Gazpacho from my event at Bardessono.

No, this week’s title is not in honor of WhiskyWeek, or my current condition (I am quite painfully sober getting today’s column out, thankyouverymuch). But this week is a doozy—there are too many cool things happening, and I have the exploding inbox to prove it. So get comfortable, pour yourself a little something something, and I hope you enjoy this afternoon’s pile o’ pixels.

One thing in particular I’d like to point you to is my recap of last night’s presentation with René Redzepi—the event was all kinds of awesome (and very inspirational). I was also lucky to be able to send him some questions last week, so there’s a brief Q&A with him in my piece as well.

As soon as this thing hits the wires, I am packing up for an evening trip to Napa: will be heading to the Food & Wine American Wine Awards party at FARM, and then off to dinner. Looking forward to enjoying this amazing fall weather while in wine country tonight—I adore this time of year (and I know I am not alone).

See you Friday…

Marcia Gagliardi

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