This week's tablehopper: made in Japan.


A belly-warming bowl of ramen at OPENharvest. Photo: ©

Oh, this sweet city. There are so many cool people doing memorable and creative things, and last night was no exception. Some friends and I headed out to the Headlands Center for the Arts for the latest event from the OPENrestaurant crew, OPENharvest, which was a recreation and recap of their trip to Japan during the 2011 rice harvest season with Tokyo’s Food Light Project. Here’s more: “OPENharvest was created to build support for Japanese organic farms and sustainable fisheries affected by last year’s cataclysmic events at Fukushima. The Bay Area contingent traveled to Japan to visit farmers, fishermen, cooks and artists, documenting along the way and organizing a series of edible and artistic events at such locations as the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo.”

It was a misty evening out in the Headlands, and there was something very immersive about getting out of cell range, taking our shoes off, and hanging out in one of the beautiful old barracks. The room was full of installations about the trip, with sweet music playing, and slideshows, and Japanese lanterns, and of course delicious food, from ramen to pickled cardoons to a beautifully assembled rice bite to boiled peanuts. Four Barrel set up an espresso stand, and it was a perfect night for a visit to the Yamazaki whisky bar. A huge thank you to everyone and appreciation for everything that went into putting on the event—each and every OPENrestaurant event has such resonance. I (quickly) posted some images from the evening here if you’d like to take a look.

It also ties in well with today’s review, which is of Izakaya Yuzuki in the Mission, another experience that resonated deeply with me. Looks like it will be an ideal (rainy) weekend for you to warm up with their koshihikari rice and chawan-mushi (and maybe a couple glasses of sake, heh).

See you next week!

Marcia Gagliardi

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