This week's tablehopper: more gobble, more wobble.


Weekend pav bhaji at Vik’s Chaat in Berkeley. Photo: ©

I think my brain is only half at my desk today—short weeks like this one make me want to blow everything off and go to the movies (especially with the rain coming in). But no, instead, I have a pretty packed issue for you before we all head off for the Thanksgiving holiday. (Man, I’m so lucky my parents are only a 40-minute drive away. I give thanks for that!)

I was so happy to learn our badass bar community raised $23K for Hurricane Sandy relief efforts at SF Hearts NY on Sunday afternoon—go SF! Big thanks to everyone who contributed. I was sorry to miss the event—after a brunch feast/melee at Vik’s Chaat in Berkeley, I was in desperate need of some exercise (and had to attend to a pile o’ work on my desk before heading to Lucky Peach at the JCC Sunday night).

In case you missed it last week, here’s my Thanksgiving roundup of places to get extra supplies and pies (and I just learned Hayes Valley Bakeworks will also be open Thanksgiving morning from 7am until noon in case you wreck your pumpkin pie and need an extra!). May your turkey be juicy, your mashed potatoes smooth and buttery, your gravy lumpless, and your wine pairings flawless. Heck, it really doesn’t matter all that much—it’s all about who you’re sitting around the table with: your family and friends. And for those who may be gone or far away (but always near in your heart), raise a glass in their honor.

Happy Thanksgiving from the hopper!

Marcia Gagliardi

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