This week's tablehopper: mountain majesty.


One of the many pretty meadows in the Yosemite Valley. Photo: ©

Are you already feeling the itch of the upcoming Memorial Day weekend (I know Chloe is!)? I’m with you. I’m excited to be heading out of town (again!) to Mendocino—I’ll be staying at the Little River Inn, celebrating their 75th anniversary this year. If you have any tips on where to eat while I’m up there, or great pit stops along the drive up, I’m all ears! Has been waaaaay too long since I have last been up there.

This last weekend was the picture of magic—I left town on Thursday to drive up to Oakhurst to stay at the utterly charming Chateau du Sureau. That place is an oasis of charm and European class, I can’t wait to tell you more.

My friend and I spent a full day in Yosemite, and let me tell you, visiting on a non-weekend day in May is the ticket. The park was so gorgeous, and after a full day of having your mind blown with beauty, a prime rib dinner in the grand Ahwahnee Hotel dining room is one hell of a way to cap things off. I posted some pics already on Instagram/Facebook if you want to check out all the gorgeousness.

It was also a sweet trip down memory lane with our visit to Mariposa, where my family used to have our delicatessen and pizzeria, a place of many great memories for me. My sister and I got to be full-on tomboys when we lived there, running around like little mountain kids on our Huffys, swimming in the water hole in the hot summers, and yes, dodging rattlesnakes. Good stuff, all of it.

So, in case you haven’t noticed, San Francisco must be breaking some kind of record with new restaurant openings right now. This week’s issue is chock-full of sneak peeks at a bunch of new spots, and there will be even more next week. To help you keep things straight, here’s my monthly piece on of five new places to check out now, although now there’s something like 17. Pace yourself!

See you on the track.
Marcia Gagliardi

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