This week's tablehopper: (no longer) illin' like Bob Dylan.


Cold killing and garlic-loaded spicy beef noodle soup from King of Noodles. Photo: ©

Okay, sun, we see you! Please stay! I think this is it for the rain, right? Right?! I appreciate the urban jungle going on right now in SF (my god, the succulents are taking over the city!) but I would like to start riding my bike again and ditch the boots.

I guess if I was going to choose a weekend to get sick and spend most of it in bed, this past one was the one. Rainy and gross. Soggy Easter, so sad. Although swapping my family’s badass Easter dinner for a bowl of spicy beef noodle soup wasn’t quite right. Nope. I want a redo!

Sidebar: the proximity of Tax Day followed by 4/20 is making me laugh. What a week.

I wanted to let you know about a special upcoming tablehopper vintage dinner. This one is a biggie. I have dreamed of holding an homage to the Blue Fox for years, and it’s going to be happening on Friday May 12th! And I’m excited to partner with Anchor Distilling Co.—there will be martinis. And Martinezes. (Bring on the Old Potrero!)

But here’s one small snag: the event is going to be held in the private dining room at Alfred’s, which was formerly the Blue Fox! Yes, poor Alfred’s, which suffered an unfortunate basement fire last week. They assure me they are going to be reopening very soon—they’re just cleaning up the smoke damage and fixing the electrical issues, and definitely in time for the dinner. So just sit tight for now, and save May 12th on your calendar. I’ll be posting tickets soon. This is not a night you’ll want to miss. Let’s just say cocktail attire…start planning your swank vintage outfit now!

Marcia Gagliardi

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