This week's tablehopper: pack it up, pack it in.


Sunday pizza party with the fam; my Dad rocking the brick oven he hacked (he built it on our old gas barbecue). Photo: ©

Why hello there. You ready for today’s hefty tablehopper issue? So much going on right now. My dance card this week is definitely full, checking out newcomers Fog City, 1760, and La Urbana. (Here’s a reminder/cheat sheet I wrote for of five new openings this month, just in case you’re having trouble remembering everything.)

I have just one week left before I leave for Italy with my father—commence freak-out sequence now. Nothing like having to finish your taxes before a big trip (yeah, I am the queen of asking for the October extension).

Oh, and I just wanted to point you to a couple cool giveaways we’re doing here on tablehopper in case you missed it: last week we featured a sponsored giveaway of $50 gift certificates for lunch or dinner delivery from Caviar (considering you can get Turtle Tower or Bar Tartine sandwiches delivered to your door, I’d recommend you check it out!), and we are also giving away an amazing Coravin (more details on this wino dream device here). There is still time to enter both giveaways, by the way, so hop to it.

Okay, it’s time for me to attack my very long to-do list, have a fab week (tomorrow is supposed to be gorg!). See you Friday.

Marcia Gagliardi

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