This week's tablehopper: pizza on earth.


Blind Domaine Carneros and grower Champagne tasting.

Thank god all that Giants madness is over—Wednesday was one of the most ridiculous days I’ve ever seen in the City. And of course I had to get to a tasting at 11am at Montgomery and Sacramento—yeah, right in the thick of things. It’s days like that when I really loooooove my bike—it’s like a magic carpet. Well, a human-powered one that is no fun on hills, but whatever.

Speaking of that tasting—it was a blind tasting of Domaine Carneros sparkling wines and grower Champagnes. Really fascinating, and it got me all fired up for my event on Thursday November 11th at Domaine Carneros. We’ll be tasting some of their oh-so excellent sparklers, with some bites by Janine Falvo of Carneros Bistro & Wine Bar. I’ll be there to chat about my book (and sign it for you!), answer restaurant questions, and basically have a kickass evening with you. It’s also a beautiful property (have you ever been?), so I say get out of town for a fun little evening excursion and let’s hang out! 5:30pm. Be there—or be bubble-less.

I have so much work to do this weekend that it’s almost enough to make me cry. Total overload. So I gotta go. Fortunately I’ve received such good mail over the past few days (i.e. the edible kind) that at least the larder is full and making tablehopper HQ a happy place to be.

Have a swell weekend.

Marcia Gagliardi

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