This week's tablehopper: powering down.


The pier at Sugar Pine Point, Lake Tahoe. Photo: ©

Welcome to the shortest intro letter I’ve ever written. Yeah, I have three days before I leave for Turkey, and let’s just say packing up your business for three weeks when you are self-employed is a beast. Gots. To. Go. But I do have a little Friday afternoon reading for you today: a Lake Tahoe jetsetter (go while you can—it’s lovely up there in September!), and a bookworm as well.

I’ll be back in your inbox on Tuesday with my final transmission for the next three weeks, but I will be on a plane to Istanbul by the time you get it. I know, it’s like magic!

I’ll say this again on Tuesday, but I might as well say it now: dear PUBLICISTS and RESTAURANT/BAR FOLKS, tablehopper is going dark until September 27th, so please don’t ask me to list any events from now until after that date. The lights are out and no one is home.

Thank you all (from the bottom of my heart) for not filling up my inbox while I am gone—it’s something I truly dread when returning home from vacation. It’s more “ow” than “meow.”

Have a great weekend, all. Mwah!

Marcia Gagliardi

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