This week's tablehopper: preparing for liftoff.


Kika’s Treats’ Brazilian cheese bread at the SF Street Food Festival. Photo: ©

Um, whoa. I can’t believe I am going to be on a plane to Istanbul in less than a week. Commence freakout. I definitely have my work cut out for me the next six days, so take it easy on me, okay?

I think I am still recovering from the third La Cocina San Francisco Street Food Festival. Dude. That was some of the best eating I’ve done all year. What an amazing pile-up of people, food, drinks, and stories. I have learned my lessons from the past few years: ride your bike, go with people with hearty appetites who are cool with sharing and aren’t germ-phobes and are fun to hang out in line with, and pack a sun hat and a sweater. And for crissakes, come hungry. People, next year, please leave the dogs at home, jeesh. (Saw too many freaked out pooches.) I just posted my photo album from the event here (I’m adding captions this very second); and hey, did you know there’s a photo contest? Kudos to everyone who put so much effort into this amazing and one-of-a-kind event.

I also talked about the Street Food Fest on Sunday with Ken and Anthony on their weekly Edible Escapes show on KSFO. Thanks for having me back, guys. We chatted about a variety of topics (including sandwiches!)—have a listen here.

Okay, in the midst of all the crazy over-indulgence that swept through the city this past weekend, I was happy to see an email in my inbox from the kind folks at Troya in the Inner Richmond. Here’s what they had to say: “After watching all the news coverage and reading articles about the situation in Somalia, we felt we have to do something to help these kids. We are planning to donate 10% of our sales to Helping Hands Relief Foundation on August 29th, 30th, 31st, Sep 1st, and 2nd (Monday through Friday).” Thank you for stepping up, Troya. Hope to see many more places in the city rally to help.

Enjoy the sun, lovelies.

Marcia Gagliardi

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