This week's tablehopper: put a bird on it.


Awesome check presentation at TBD Restaurant. Bwok. Photo: ©

Howdy folks. Yeah, I’m back in action after the two-week illness from hell. Finally went for my first dinner out over the weekend, and was nice to hang with the fam on Easter Sunday. I scooted down to San Mateo early so I could make homemade pasta with my dad—I need to get his technique down. We had fava beans from the garden, my mom’s amazing tomato sauce all over the biggest bowl of the thinnest tagliatelle, and roasted capretto (baby goat). My mom hit it out of the park with her lemon chess pie with strawberries and fresh whipped cream on top, so good. Nope, there’s no better dinner table than the one at my parents’. (Although if you’re craving a home-cooked meal, the lovely Veronica Klaus is cooking a home-style dinner at Truck this Wednesday—mmmm, strawberry cake.)

Speaking of family, I was happy to be interviewed by L’Italo-Americano about my background—it was such a thoughtful piece, grazie Ms. Dossetti!

There won’t be a hopper this Friday—I’ll be on a plane to Portland for my cousin’s wedding. Bummer that it’ll be raining all weekend, but what did I expect? Portland! I have a little free time on Sunday, so Pok Pok and Olympic Provisions are high on the hit list. Maybe a fab brunch too (like Tasty n Sons).

If you’re looking for a place to go tonight, please look at the participating restaurants on the Dining Out for Life site first—it’s a one-night event to benefit the San Francisco AIDS Foundation. Thanks! And if you’re around on Sunday, don’t forget Cochon 555 is happening.

Happy Earth Day. Don’t forget to turn the lights off.
Marcia Gagliardi

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