This week's tablehopper: rabbit, rabbit.


The baked rigatoni with butternut squash, sage, fontina, brown butter, and amaretti at Ragazza (which FYI is closed on Super Bowl Sunday). Photo: ©

Yup, it’s February 1st already—time keeps on slippin’… It’s been a busy week, with an unexpected dinner at dopo on Tuesday night when I forgot Ramen Shop in Oakland was closed on Tuesdays (don’t make the same mistake, kids)—although trust, the arancini, pickled herring, and lasagnette alla ravanusa (and diplomatico for dessert!) quickly assuaged my disappointment.

So tonight is the opening of Beneath the Sheaths (be sure to check out the show in coming weeks at 18 Reasons if you can’t make it tonight), and then there’s the BIG opening: Saison. In lieu of a review, I thought I’d do an in-depth overview of this new and stunning restaurant that opens tonight. We also have some 707 news for you.

Super Bowl Sunday is coming, and I have a piece over on about all the places where you can score delicious food while watching the game, whether you’re out on the town or trying to eat like a king on your couch at home. There are some tasty options in there, check it out. Since I am going to need to hide from my hateful, louder-than-is-ever-acceptable neighbors who assuredly will be holding a bro-fest in their downstairs apartment, I have my prime-time dinner reservation at a popular restaurant and my movie tickets later that night all lined up. Yeah, that’s how I roll.

Have fun out there—just don’t burn the city down, okay?
Marcia Gagliardi

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