This week's tablehopper: rawk the vote.


One of the best porchetta sandwiches I have ever had the pleasure of sinking my choppers into (at the Tartine Bakery after hours party to celebrate Hartwood’s new cookbook). Photo: ©

Happy fall day to you. Hopefully you’re enjoying your fill of squash soup these days, and persimmons, although I’m pretty damn sad that we won’t be eating any local Dungeness crabs for quite a while. (No one is sadder than the poor fishermen, damn.) Recreational Dungeness crabbing season was supposed to kick off this weekend, with commercial crabbing on the 15th. We’ll just have to see how this one plays out. Washington, we’re gonna be eating all your crabs! (And probably expensive ones at that.) Fie upon you, domoic acid!

I am also yelling “fie upon you!” to my bike, espresso machine, and printer, which are all giving me mechanical difficulties this week, because my car in the shop obviously wasn’t enough of a headache. Maybe I’m just supposed to stay home. Well, at least until I leave for Mexico City next Sunday, arriba! (And if you have any favorite places there you want to send my way, gracias!)

Yours truly has been busy writing some freelance pieces, so apologies for not having more for you today, but I am all (keyboard) tapped out. Take a look at my first piece for Robb Vices, featuring SF’s best sushi counters that you can book a spot for on Reserve—and if you’re inspired to try out the app, use my code EYC1AX for $10 off your first reservation.

I also put together this piece for SF Travel on local craft breweries you can visit and the holiday brews they’ll be pouring.

For those of you attending this Sunday’s (sold-out) tablehopper and Campari America Filipino-inspired brunch at 1760, we’re looking forward to seeing you at this family-style feast! Come hungry and thirsty.

And lastly, I’d love for you to take a close look at my piece in the chatterbox today. Yes, it’s about that Time Out contest I want you to vote for me in! #1!

A presto!
Marcia Gagliardi

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