This week's tablehopper: remove the feedbag.


At Rich Table: cured herring with pickled red onion, “tortilla” chip, coconut and fish sauce emulsion, olive oil, and avocado purée. Photo: ©

Whew, this past weekend was quite the food whirlwind: Friday afternoon I was a judge at the WCR (Women Chefs and Restaurateurs) cook-off event, and that night was the Good Food Awards (you can check out a list of the winners here). The event included a tasting of all of the winners’ products, from coffee to chocolate to spirits to my favorite, salumi. Congrats to all.

Saturday was a luncheon at Rich Table put on by the California Olive Oil Council, with a bar set up with 12 oils to try (there’s no better way to find out what you like), and producers seated at each table. Of course the Riches knocked it out of the park, utilizing California olive oil in each of their unique dishes.

Sunday I was only able to hit up the Fancy Food Show for three hours (had too much work to do that morning), but I still managed to tear through most of the South Hall (the one with the international booths, of course). I posted some pics on Flickr from all of these events--please excuse my crappy Good Food Awards pics—it’s tough to juggle a drink, a plate, and a camera all at once, let me tell you.

Have been craving pizza the past few days, so luckily tonight I’m heading over to Oakland’s Jack London Square for a media preview party of The Forge, due to officially start slinging pizzas next Tuesday—I’ll have the recap for you next week!

Oh, and if you want a peek at the upcoming Saison location in SoMa, take a look at these stunning and very recent images.

Marcia Gagliardi

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