This week's tablehopper: round the corner.


True love: the “Chinese burger” at Beijing Restaurant. Photo: ©

Boy, am I glad Valentine’s Day nonsense is out of my life, my inbox full of horrible cocktail recipes, dinner-for-two pitches, overnight stays that involved rose petal-covered beds, and Facebook full of couples professing their love publicly and gloating over the flowers/cards/chocolates they received (really, people?). At least Twitter had some sassy commentary (warning, that last link is filthy), I loved all the cute emoji texts from friends, my macarons from Le Dix-Sept were delightful, and my single friends and I had a ridonkulously fun feast at Beijing Restaurant last night, full of bottles of bubbles and stories that were spicier than the “Chili Delights with Special Sauce.” Nightcap at the Broken Record (aka Whiskey HQ), check. Yeah, we were living for the Excelsior last night.

Today I have a little bit of breaking news for you (North Beach rising!) and a review of The Corner Store as well (the place has a full bar and patio, so let’s consider it weekend ready). Oh yeah, and on, I have my monthly roundup of five new places that have opened in the city.

The weather is gorg (crazily so), it’s a three-day weekend for many, and it’s Friday! Hubba. Enjoy, dollinks.

Marcia Gagliardi

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