This week's tablehopper: seasons change (and so did I).


The bar at Ippuku.

Is it wrong to be excited about a rainy weekend? I like the idea of watching some movies, reading my book (am currently tucked into Boozehound, what else would you expect?), eating some udon, and being able to get some work done on Saturday without feeling bad that I’m not outside. But then again, with today’s review of Saison, it’s going to make me miss that warm, end-of-summer evening when I dined on their terrace just a couple weeks ago. Oh, and so much for me trying to keep my review under 800 words for this one—I just couldn’t. There’s too much going on there.

It’s been a great week: I got to take a really informative (and delicious) Champagne class at the SF Wine Center on Wednesday, taught by Jordan Mackay—already plotting my return for another class. More liquid lurve came in the form of some amazing shochus at Ippuku in Berkeley (tried some made from taro, buckwheat, and black sugar, awesome). Dinner was all kinds of delicious—from the chicken skin skewers to the tartare to the creamiest crab croquettes—and it was the easiest BART trip (it’s just a block from the Downtown Berkeley station). Am ready to go back for some chicken ramen—and what a cool design aesthetic, loves! (I’ll be writing it up soon, along with some other places I’ve been visiting recently in the 510—I know, shocking, I crossed the bridge!).

In the meantime, keep toasty, and buon weekend!

Marcia Gagliardi

This issue is dedicated to the lovely Berit Sailor Beebe Read, who just came into this world last night! Mwah!

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