This week's tablehopper: shake, rattle, and let the good times roll.


Adorable morel stencil on Valencia Street. Photo: ©

Welcome to your short week—although mine is the same as it ever was. Actually, I’m getting out of town for 24 hours and heading up to St. Helena for a splashy event, the reopening of the wine cellar at PRESS. And looking at the upcoming warm temperatures tomorrow, it’s going to be a nice road trip, even though I’ll be in a rental car (cough). Thanks everyone for the kind notes about my wrecked Alfa—I got to read many tales of car loss and remembrance. Hey, misery loves company. At least the thought of test driving the new FIAT 500 is making me smile.

So guess what? Today tablehopper turns six! Can you believe that? SO many late Monday nights writing this thing, jeesh. GRAZIE for all the support. The best present you could give my column is to forward this week’s issue to your friends and tell them to subscribe. Truly. Many thanks in advance!

Also want to do a special toast to my adorable parents, who are celebrating their anniversary this Thursday. Their love is one of the sweetest things I know on this earth.

More celebratin’: big congrats to all the semifinalists announced for the 2012 restaurant and chef James Beard Foundation Awards. Check out the list here. Best of luck to all during the finalist process (it’s gotta be harrowing).

Oh, today’s episode of You Gotta Eat This on KGO Radio has me riffing on one of my very favorite breakfasts: chilaquiles. (You saw a picture of one of my favorites last week, now you can hear me talk about them.)

Okay folks, have a very happy Mardi Gras and maybe I’ll catch ya on Friday, maybe I won’t (am debating about making this Friday my Monday off).

Marcia Gagliardi

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