This week's tablehopper: signs of life.


Have a fun night on the town and see the opulent Moulin Rouge at the Orpheum Theatre (and enjoy a pre-show bite and post-show cocktail somewhere nearby). Photo: ©

Hello, friends. I got back from Lake Tahoe a week ago, in time for an action-packed week that included checking out the gorgeously restored Peacock Court at the InterContinental Mark Hopkins (it’s truly glam and fabulous), followed by boozy drinks at the Tonga Room (when on Nob Hill…). (If you follow me on Instagram, I shared all these fun visits in my Stories.) My wingwoman and I tried to get a cocktail at the Big 4, but it’s still closed and locked up! So tragic. The Huntington Hotel was supposedly reopening last July, according to some Instagram posts, but obviously that didn’t happen. If anyone has any intel, I’m all ears.

On Friday, I had my heart lifted and mind blown with the scintillating production of Moulin Rouge, running at the Orpheum Theater until November 6th. Do NOT miss this show—especially if you’re a music lover, you won’t believe the mash-ups! The sets are fantastic, and it’s such a sexy show! Enjoy the spectacle, it will take your mind off of things.

If you’re looking for somewhere to eat before or after the performance, check out the special food and cocktail menus at The Madrigal, Villon, and La Bande (they will also be giving away tickets, check their social media accounts!), and One Market has put together a tasty three-course menu with a weekly ticket drawing! Cocktails on the rooftop at Charmaine’s are always a good idea, and Bluestem Brasserie also makes it easy to make it to the show on time with their pre-show ordering. Have a fun night!

With all my running around, I managed to pick up a nasty bug, and have been playing my least-favorite game since Saturday: is it a cold or Covid? (Second only to “monkeypox or mosquito bite?” Ugh.) I’ve been testing myself daily, and fortunately—not really, but yes—it’s a cold. (Such a rarity these days, but it’s kicking my ass.) I woke up without a voice, so I didn’t get to interview a couple folks I planned to speak with for today’s column. Wah wah. I’m wiped out, so it’s back to bed for me, with my noodle soups and golden milk. Blergh. Catch ya later. (And don’t catch this cold.)

Marcia Gagliardi

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