This week's tablehopper: sniffles o'clock.


The counter at Citizen’s Band.

Unbelievable—I have successfully managed to catch another cold. That’s what I get for running out of my magic daily elixir, Green Vibrance (affectionately known as the Green Menace), and not replacing it in time. It makes me not want to touch anyone or anything for the next few months. Yeah, can you imagine? I start living in gloves, and show up at restaurants with my own pop-up plastic tent for the table.

Fortunately the cold struck after my wine class with Jordan Mackay at the SF Wine Center this past Wednesday (we plan to host it again, so those of you who couldn’t get tickets, please stand by!). It would have sucked to not be able to taste the wines (or the perfetto filetti pizza I ate at Una Pizza Napoletana after the class). I also had a belly-filling evening at Citizen’s Band on Tuesday night—have you had their mac ‘n’ cheese yet? Whooooooa Nelly.

So, today continues my 510 dining report, this time to the fabulous Ippuku in Berkeley (fellow 415-ers, you’ll want to head right over). I hoped to have two reviews for you in today’s issue, but I’m backing off (and maybe working from bed today—just because I can).

Have a swell, sunny, spring-like weekend.

Marcia Gagliardi

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