This week's tablehopper: somewhere over the rainbow.


Helllllo, amazing party! (The Juanita MORE! pool party on Sunday at the Phoenix Hotel and Chambers.)

Woooowheeeee. San Francisco knows how to throw one hell of a Pride weekend—and the fantastic news from New York on Friday evening only sprayed more glitter and gas on the fire. It was a weekend of spontaneous reunions with friends everywhere I went, from Dolores Park to the streets of the Mission to the epic Juanita MORE! pool party at the Phoenix and Chambers on Sunday. I can say with some confidence that I laughed more than I slept this past weekend. Ha ha! So if you’re wondering why today’s issue appears to be a bit more petite than usual, well, there’s your answer. The ‘hopper is tired and pulled over with her hazards on. Am contemplating an espresso IV drip.

As promised, here’s a link to my New York photo album on Flickr to accompany last Friday’s jetsetter piece. Finally had a chance to upload the pics with all the captions (such a tedious task—why can’t my computer just remember what I ate?).

And hey, thanks everyone who voted for tablehopper for the San Francisco magazine Best of the Bay Area 2011 Readers’ Poll! Guess who won for Best Email Action? (And can I just say I love how dirty that sounds?) So I hope this means I’ll see you at the Best of the Bay Party on Thursday. You have your ticket, right? Right.

Now excuse me while I go stomp in some puddles! Argh! I know you’re with me on that sentiment.

Marcia Gagliardi

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