This week's tablehopper: soup to nuts.


My afternoon bite at Zuni on my birthday. Really, what more does a lady need? Photo: ©

Thank God birthday week is officially over—I wasn’t sure I was going to make it to the end. Sorry, liver. Sorry, brain. Sorry, waistline. It was just as well that I took last week off—with my computer in the shop for three days, I wasn’t going to get much done anyway. And now guess who is paying for it? Yeah, you AND me, because today’s column is a hefty mofo.

One of last week’s highlights was going to listen to Adam Gopnik speak at the JCC (I took full advantage of having Monday night off!), and I even got to tip him off on where to eat when he was done signing books (I sent him to Cotogna, and I guess he liked the cranberry bean soup). Nothing like creating your own starlet sighting. :)

Um, whoa, temperature drop! Such psycho weather. Are you already plotting where to get some soup tonight? I totally grabbed some posole from Nopalito last week—that was one satisfying dinner.

And you’re gonna go vote, right? Right! More than anything, I’m just happy the onslaught of political phone calls (like at 8pm on a Sunday, really?) and the fliers in my mailbox are all finally, truly coming to an end. Stop the insanity.

Okay folks, let’s dive in here. And keep toasty!

Marcia Gagliardi

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