This week's tablehopper: spring training.


Tomato-braised beef, kale, crescenza, farm egg pizza at Pizzetta 211. Pure. Evil.

With each subsequent sunny day we’re having (sorrrrrry East Coast!), spring fever is percolating citywide. Our city’s pretty ornamental flowering plum trees are currently full and dripping with sweet pink blossoms—which ties in nicely thematically with this week’s fresh meat review of Plum. A lot has been written recently about this welcome addition to the culinary scene (especially this week, oy)—and with good reason, there’s a lot to like.

Oh, and for those who don’t read the review to the end, there’s a new five-course tasting menu launching this evening at the counter (only) at Plum. It’s $59, with wine pairings for $30. It’s designed to be extra-handcrafted and personal, with chef Charlie Parker serving you directly.

And with this week’s writeup, that concludes my run of 510 reviews for a little bit—back to the 415 city limits! There is a lot going on this weekend, from underground markets to pastrami sandwich debuts this Saturday, and then, of course, Sunday is all about beer, barbecue, and football. I think I’ll be at the museum, out shopping, and getting a pedicure. Ya know, doin’ lady stuff.

Wishing you a swell and springy weekend.

Marcia Gagliardi

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